(The Omega Universe starts off after the events of Raze 2.) Everything is well. The Raze Soldier has been put into stasis again, waiting for the cure to the infectious virus. The ultimate enemy has been destroyed, or so they thought... One day, the humans awaken to a vast alien invasion. The humans struggle to protect the main base from the aliens on the earth. The aliens uses their necrozombifier, the device used to produce zombies out of humans, to conquer and add to their unstoppable fleet. Raze 3 has truly begun.


Level 1: You are put out of stasis and injected with a temporary medicine to subdue the zombie personality in you. This serum is used to turn humans back to normal for a week before they turn back and can only be used once. Your mission is to kill off the zombies surrounding the base.

Level 2: Half a day has passed. The aliens have sent in reinforcements. Destroy as much as you can.

Level 3: The base has been infiltrated in the dead of night. Evacuate and escort scientists out of the area while holding off the invasion.

Level 4: A day has passed. Escort the scientist into a new base, but beware, the new base is located in a zombie quarantine zone.

Level 5: You have been assigned to infiltrate the alien supercarrier with a team of newbies who show potential. Show them you are the real leader of the team by training in a simulation against other soldiers in an elimination match.

Level 6: Another day has passed. Bring your team over to the alien shipyard to inhibit the building rate of alien carriers

Level 7: The new base has been infiltrated, and the scientist are being turned into zombies. Destroy the Alpha necrozombifyer

Level 8: Another day has passed. Zombies start turning up around the base. Kill all of them.

Level 9: The team turns out to be zombies placed in the humans as spies! Kill them all while guarding the scientists.

Level 10: Communications at the shipyard have been cut off, possibly to lure us there. Destroy any aliens you meet there.

Level 11. Another day has passed. Infiltrate the supercarrier via the shipyard. Destroy all resistance.

Level 12: You are on the ship and sees a vast group of zombies. Kill them all.

Level 13: Turns out that humans are being kidnapped from around the world and being turned into zombies. Destroy the Omega necrozombifyier and the zombies.

Level 14: Another day has passed. Kill the commanders off one by one.

Level 15: The supercarrier's captain, Master Control, has activated offense mode against you. You must survive the attacks and destroy Master Control to secure thhe future of the human race.