Engaging enemy forces during the first Alien-Human war

Nuberchu is a lieutenant serving as part of the human armies during both Alien-Human wars.

First Alien-Human warEdit

"What brings you to the big city?"
— Speaking to Sgt. Johnsohn

During the events of raze 1, he served as a night guard for some time and assisted Sgt. Johnson and his squad when they were engaged by alien forces, and was grievously wounded before the Raze survivor arrived.Nuberchu survived, but was discharged until he recovered.

Second Alien-Human warEdit

"Why the hell did they come back?"
— Nuberchu

By the time of his recovery however, the second conflict btween aliens and humans was well underway, and as a veteran of the first war, Nuberchu was called upon to help in the defense of the underwater research facility.His talents in team management and engineering made it so that his current post is maintaining security bots and leading them out on regular patrols.