Species Human, "Unknown Genetics"
Born 1990s
MIA April 14, Unknown Year. Last seen adventuring into an EXTREME risk zone.
Specialty Jack-of-all-trades
  • Former Private in First Human-Alien War
  • Retired on his own right, travels the world killing aliens.
Age 26 - 35
Weapons Various
Allies Anyone homo-sapien.
Ability Various

This generic Private helped kill over one thousand aliens and still tries to protect Earth by wandering around high-risk areas and blasting the (expletive) out of aliens and zombies.

InsanityNow is currently lost and nobody knows where the hell he is. Most people didn't even know he existed.


Any information we get is directly from him. Apparently, he:

  • Gets 70+ minutes a day defying gravity.
  • Kills to win and not to survive.


InsanityNow is a jack-of-all-trades because of his genetic patterns. Not much is known about why some of his genetic pattern is similar to that of the aliens invading Earth, but scientists and scholars believe it to be from odd ancestry, or from a genetic disease. He is almost always silent at gatherings, on the extremely rare chance you get at even meeting him in person.


As InsanityNow is a jack-of-all-trades, he switches out his weapons constantly.

His apparent favorites are the Magnum and the Shotgun.