Image YC-404 6
Species Human
Born N/A
Died N/A
Specialty Multi-Threat
  • Former Lieutenant in First Human-Alien War
  • Current Captain of ORANGE TEAM
Age N/A
  • Ripper
  • UZI
  • Precision Laser
  • Terminator
  • .50 cal Sniper
  • Laser Minigun
  • Ion Cannon/Rocket Launcher
  • Combat Armor
  • Cooling Packs
  • Hair Trigger
  • All Human Defense Forces
  • Alien Assault Force and Allies
    • Aliens
    • Zombies
    • Free Android Union
Portable Rechargeable Technology Static Field
Extra Skills
  • Minor skills Katana usage
  • Expert Battle Strategy Planner

Capt. Citrus-404 is a Centurion, an as such he has enhanced skills and his physique is superior to that of regular humans. His team of SpecOps, called ORANGE TEAM, is one of the finest in the world.


Early HistoryEdit

"Nothing like a little Insurgence to brighten your life"
— Citrus-404

Citrus-404 was identified as viable for the Centurion Program, and early super-soldier program. While far from being a "conventional" super-soldier, he is still physically and mentally more able than most other soldiers. He began to see corruption in the Human government, and decided to leave, and he began a successful insurrection, called "Autonomous". He, and several other Centurions, along with a few humans, built and sustained it.

Human-Alien WarsEdit

"Finally, a war that can unite humanity."
— Citrus-404

First Human-Alien WarEdit

"So this is what they brought me in for.."
— Citrus-404 upon realizing what his new enemy was

Second Human-Alien WarEdit

"wow. Now that's not getting the message. Why do you guys always come back?"
— Citrus-404 watching an Alien fleet destroy a city